The Brenspeed Open House is an annual event in North Webster, IN where the local Ford Mustang tuner, Breenspeed, invites everyone out for a Car Show, Band, Dyno Competition, and more! Always a great time to come out to hang out with all the local car enthusiasts of all different types.

Of course, there is always a strong showing of Mustangs.

Wanye brought out his whole collection of classics, this old Atwood Fire Department truck was my favorite. And the fact that he had to bring out all these cars in 3 trips from his house!

Trucks are a popular flavor nowadays and I’m definitely in the camp that always loves a good classic truck! This one above is owned by a local Antique Collector and is actually an S10 under the patina finished body.

Burnouts, as you exit, are almost required. Check out the burnout video below:

WARNING!! It’s very Loud!

Full Gallery of the 2022 Brenspeed Open House Below:

All Images © Theodore Pieper | Please for Commercial Licensing.

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