Photographed for Forgeline Wheels & Sweetcars, Inc in Fort Wayne, IN. On a cloudy March day in Indiana, we got lucky and just as the sun was getting low the clouds parted and gave us a fantastic sunset session on the top of a brand new empty parking garage. I don’t think I could’ve gotten any luckier. The Car, Perfect, Setting Perfect, especially for basically winter still in Indiana.

The Porsche Caymen GT4 RS is my all-time favorite car of the moment. Especially a track-focused approach that this owner has taken. Sweetcars has fitted this with 19in wheels with Hoosier R9 rubber. The FIRST GT4 RS to get 19 inch wheels, as they usually come stock with 20 inch wheels to clear the massive brakes. The 19s allow to get a better tire fitted with more sidewall, and Forgeline was able to make a wheel that still cleared the brakes!

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All Images © Theodore Pieper | Please for Commercial Licensing.

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