DISL Street League 2024 Round 1

I would have hated to be a judge at Round 1 of Drift Indy’s Street League at Kil-Kare in Xenia, OH. The battles were close and heated. Some of the best driving I’ve been privileged to shoot, and so glad I took up the opportunity to make the trip and stand in the infield all day!

Big turnout guys. Large grid set for seeding!

Sam Cornwell with the best-scoring qualifying run!

Then we made our way to top 32, where we quickly rounded down to some of the day’s best runs.

Final’s were down to Cash Staub in his high-revving NA Ford Mustang against Roy Outcalt’s powerful turbo M54 e46.

With Roy Outcalt coming out on top, Cash Staub at 2nd, and Sam Cornewall rounding out 3rd place.

Drift Indy Street League 2024 Round One Photo Gallery:

All Images © Theodore Pieper | Please Contactted@vconceptsllc.com for Commercial Licensing.

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